27 gennaio 2009

Ancora sull'intervista ad Al Arabiya

Cominciamo da una battuta trovata in rete: "About time we have an adult in the White House who doesn't gratuitously insult one quarter of the planet". E' uno dei commenti al blog di Ben Smith (politico.com) che pone la giusta enfasi su questa intervista: è un fatto importante, un'occasione seria per mandare un segnale di apertura all'area del mondo divenuta nemico pubblico numero 1 durante l'amministrazione Bush. Qui la trascrizione completa dell'intervista - sempre da Ben Smith. Ecco il passaggio sull'Iran:

Now, the Iranian people are a great people, and Persian civilization is a great civilization. Iran has acted in ways that's not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region: their threats against Israel; their pursuit of a nuclear weapon which could potentially set off an arms race in the region that would make everybody less safe; their support of terrorist organizations in the past -- none of these things have been helpful.
But I do think that it is important for us to be willing to talk to Iran, to express very clearly where our differences are, but where there are potential avenues for progress. And we will over the next several months be laying out our general framework and approach. And as I said during my inauguration speech, if countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us.

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